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The J. Haydon & Sons Photograph and Film Gallery

J. Haydon & Sons Gallery

This Gallery features some photographs of J Haydon & Sons who where Livestock Hauliers from Wharf Road, Biddulph. They were kindly submitted by Mr. M. P. Winterton

.... and can be viewed by clicking here to open the J. Haydon and Sons Gallery.

Some Notes on the Photographs in this Gallery

Photograph 1: Possibly early 1940s - taken in Wharf Road looking towards the High Street. Check out the car and street lamp at right of shot. Note the phone number. Kelly’s Directory for 1940 records: “Haydon Jn. Haulage contractor Wharf Rd. T.N.4”

Photograph 2: 1950s shot of a vehicle on Wharf Road. No identification re: driver.

Photograph 3: Wharf Road orchard with Haydon’s garage and petrol pump in the background (now Sainsbury’s). Taken in 1947. Middle child is Frank Haydon with Diane and John Kirkham. Diane is Mike’s mum.

Photograph 4: Taken in Wharf Road in the early 1960s. In the distance you can make out Barlow Fireplaces and the High Street.

Photograph 5: Haydon’s yard c.1960 includes from left to right: XWY326 (?), UVT722, XDH245, OVT402, VRF9 and RF249.

Photograph 6: Alice Haydon - Biddulph Queen 1937. Alice was Mike’s Nan.

Photograph 7: Alice Haydon as Biddulph Queen with her retinue in 1937. The Chronicle printed and ran an article on the photograph in the 1970s and named all the girls.

Photograph 8: The Haydon family outside their farmhouse taken 1940/41. The by-pass cuts through there now. Back row (left to right) Jack, Fred, Alice, Eva, Lucy and Tom and front row (left to right) John Haydon, Frank and Emma.

Photograph 9: A short video of the restored J. Haydon & Sons vehicles ULS545 and GBJ560 at the opening ceremony of the Biddulph Inner Relief Road on Tuesday the 20th of October 2003.

Photograph 10: An even shorter video of the J. Haydon & Sons vehicle ULS545 on the same day. Both video clips come from a two hour film shot by Mr. Gordon Lomas during the building of the new road.

Additional photgraphs and information will be added to this gallery as they become available.

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The J. Haydon & Sons Gallery

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