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This Gallery is a selection of some of the many photographs which appeared in the Society’s publication “Biddulph High Street - Goowin dine th’ grayn” or, became available after the book generated interest in chronicling the information.

.... and can be viewed by clicking here to open the High Street Album.

Mr. Geoffrey Brown wrote a review which started as follows:

“Biddulph is fortunate in that its main street has changed less than those in many similar towns. Many businesses are still run by local families rather than national multiples, but it remains to be seen what effect the forthcoming redevelopment of part of the shopping area will have on the look of Biddulph and the nature of its trade.

The past 100 years have seen many people and businesses come and go, but the changes have been mostly gradual. Just how the town centre has changed is shown in a fascinating new book which chronicles the history of almost every building along the High Street.

“Goowin dine th’ grayn” has been compiled by Elaine Heathcote and members of Biddulph and District Genealogy and Historical Society. The project was started a few years ago by Jackie and Bryan Lancaster, but put on hold. The task was taken up by Margaret Fernyhough, Elaine Heathcote, David Outhwaite, Kath Walton and Derek Wheelhouse.

It is full of well-known names, people who have operated a remarkable variety of trades, accompanied by triumph and tragedy along the way.

In 1834 there was only one shop in Bradley Green, the area we now know as Biddulph town centre. The development of industry from the middle of the 19th century onwards saw the population increase considerably, with the influx especially of miners from other parts of the country.

Over the next 50 years it became common for many families to turn part of their house into a shop run by the wife while the husband continued to work in industry.”

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Biddulph High Street Book

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