Pre-War Biddulph: Finding Employment . . . .

Photograph of Biddulph Valley Ironworks

Agricultural work on one of the many farms such as Hay Hill, Beacon House and High Bent.

Domestic servants in one of the large houses such as the Grange and the Moorhouse.

Small businesses such as: Charles Machin & Sons - Builders, Isaac Holland, Wheelwright.

Casstles: Potters’ Sand Merchant, Gillow Heath

Holt Brothers: Potters’ Sand Merchant, the Hurst

Samuel Hall: Colliery Owner, Gillow Heath

United Velvet Cutters Association Ltd: Mills at Gillow Heath, Station Road & The Square, Biddulph

Samuel Peake: Rockingham Ware Manufacturer, Gillow Heath

Robert Heath & Sons Ltd: Iron & Coal Masters

Frederick Jackson: Fustian Cutter, Biddulph Moor

Photograph of Workers at Jackson’s Fustian Mill, Biddulph Moor

Photograph of Lea Forge Workers

Shops and service providers such as:

Co-operative Stores on the High Street

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