Pre-War Biddulph: Educating The Young . . . .

St. Lawrence Church School

Biddulph Moor Council School

Herbert Reeve – Head at Biddulph Moor

Knypersley Council School

William Lowe – Head at Knypersely

Bradley Green Council School: built in 1908 for 264 boys, 264 girls and 180 infants.

Master: Clement Pollard.

Girls’ Mistress: Miss Evelyn Willatt and

Infants’ Mistress : Miss Mary Malkin.

St. Lawrence Church School, Biddulph: built in 1874 for 200 boys and girls.

Master: George Lawton.

Knypersley Council: built 1850 for 150 infants.

Mistress: Miss Elizabeth Lea.

Knypersley Council: built 1911 for 350 boys and girls.

Master: Mr. William Lowe

Biddulph Moor Council: erected in 1909 for 316 boys and girls and infants.

Master: Mr. Herbert William Reeve.

Mistress: Miss Dale.

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