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Biddulph and the Great War

The Great War Tribute Page

If you have a tribute that you would like to pay to a Soldier of the Great War who came from Biddulph or its surrounding districts then do please get in touch by e-mailling

Ask the Reverend Hadfield

. . . . . . so that it can be added to this section of the web site.

The tribute could take the form of a poem, a story, a picture (drawn or painted), a photograph (of a person or items of memorabilia), or indeed anything else that can be added to the web site.

Click on the headings below to go to the appropriate chapter, as they become available.

A Biddulph Postie’s Graphic Account submitted by Jeremy Condliffe

The Recruit a poem submitted by Cyril Doorbar

The Great War Home Page

Biddulph and the Great War

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