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Historical Maps of Biddulph

Historical Maps of Biddulph & District

Much of Biddulph's history can be studied and more readily interpreted with the aid of maps, and it is intended to build up an online atlas in a broadly consistent format dealing with various historical themes. The initial batch will be followed by others in due course as information becomes available.

No historical work can ever be complete or fully correct and we invite comments, corrections and/or additions to any of these provisional offerings. Please feel free to suggest changes! If you have a particular interest and available data (even if incomplete) and would like to champion a map reflecting that interest, then we would like to hear from you. The Society's cartographer would attend to the preparation and drawing work.

These maps are the copyright of the Biddulph & District Genealogical & Historical Society. You are welcome to download or copy them for personal study, but please contact the Society for permission to reproduce them or use them for publication or commercial purposes.

Maps compiled by Richard Dean

Local and Family History for the Biddulph area

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