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Margaret Fleming Brodie and Joseph Varley Roberts

Family Tree of David Brodie - Vicar of Biddulph

The Family Tree of David Brodie

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Entry on the St. Lawrence’s Church Plaque of Former Vicars.

1892 DAVID BRODIE, res: 1906. Buried Dec. 1st 1915

Plaque below the North aisle second window of St. Lawrence’s Church

In loving memory of David Brodie vicar of this parish 1892 - 1906, born May 10, 1838. Entered into rest Nov. 27, 1915. Also to Margaret, his beloved wife and helpmeet for 48 years in the mission field and in the homeland. Who received her home call on January 14, 1935 in her 94th year. The organ in this church has been dedicated to the glory of God and in loving memory of his faithful ministry, by the parishioners and his own family. He loved this house of God and devoted himself unsparingly to its restoration & preservation. In accordance with his earnest wish, his body lies within its shadow and among the people he loved and for whom he laboured. A bed has also been endowed by relatives & friends to his memory in Bannu Hospital N. W. India where he baptized the first converts to Christianity from that district.

Notes on the Bells of St. Lawrence’s Church

The bells were cast and hung by Mears & Stainbank of London who also carried out some repairs on them in 1918. In 1948 further repairs were necessary but after that nothing more was done until in 1986 it was observed that the bells needed essential repairs which would cost being in the region of £30,000. This seemed a daunting task but fund-raising began in the spring of 1990 commencing with a generous bequest by the late David Brodie (a former Vicar of St Lawrence), via a Trust made through his family.

Local and Family History for the Biddulph area

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