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The St. Lawrence Parish Church Registers 1813 – 1836

St. Lawrence Parish Church, Biddulph – Parish Register of Baptisms, Marriages and Burials 1813 – 1836.


In 2003 a group of members of the Biddulph and District Genealogy and Historical Society compiled this list of Baptisms, Marriages and Burials from the Parish Records of St. Lawrence's Parish Church, Biddulph. They were published by the Society and in the introduction the then Chairman, Irene Turner, wrote the following introduction:

“We hope that this work will be of value to family and local historians. This material is not only useful to anyone who is tracing their family tree but also for anyone undertaking a local history project where a study of the information will reveal illegitimacy rates, death rates, changing occupations and levels of literacy to name a few”.

“It should be noted that transcribers have written down information exactly as it is in the registers. Many names were spelt incorrectly or phonetically for example:

Bacon House = Beacon House

Hooters Hall = Euters Hall Farm

Lowton = Lower Overton

Mill Eyes = Mill Hayes, and

Naylor Bank = Knawlow Bank.

“Researchers should also be aware that many places/roads/streets/farms etc. have changed names or no longer exist. Two important changes to be aware of include Greenway Moor which is now known as Biddulph Moor and Mole/Mole Cop which of course is now known as Mow Cop”.

“Although we have taken great care in checking our transcriptions, it is recommended that the original source should always be consulted”.

“We would like to thank Reverend Martin Cannam, Vicar of St. Lawrence's Church and Thea Randall, County Archivist from the Staffordshire and S.O.T. Archive Service for granting the Society permission to undertake transcribing and publishing the Parish Registers for Biddulph”.

“We are also indebted to the following people from the Society for all their hard work, Jackie Bradley, Audrey Duramby, Madelaine Lovatt, Dianne Simcock, Irene Turner, Kath Walton and Eric Walley and a special thank you is extended to Elaine Heathcote for all her hard work and dedication as Project Co-ordinator”.

Addition to the Website

This information has been added to the website and you can now enter a Surname into a search box which will allow you to view individuals in the Births, Marriages either the Bride or Groom and the list of Burials by surname from the Parish Records

Not all the data in the book can be included on the website as some of the fields are too big, for example, the witnesses to the Weddings; the full names of those Baptised; and, some of the notes in the Burials Register. Copies of the book are held in Biddulph Library and in May 2017 the 2003 Book was reworked for publication by the Secretary of the Society and has been reprinted by the Society. [Copies are available to buy at £4:00 for the 116 page A4 book - see the publications page.]

St. Lawrence Parish Registers 1813 - 1836

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