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Sunday Half Hour

This edition of “Down Your Way” was broadcast from Biddulph between 1965 and 1972.

This programme was introduced by Mr. Franklin Engelmann.

The people interviewed as as follows:

1. John and Margaret Smith, the owners of Biddulph Old Hall at the time.

2. Mr. Douglas Dorn, the manager of Victoria Colliery between 1964 and 1975.

3. Mr. Roy Mansfield who worked at Cowlishaw Walker.

4. Mr. Norman Machin of the Greenway Moor Band when Edward Gray was conductor (1959 - 1972)

5. Mrs. Ena Priest the Nursing Officer / Matron at Biddulph Grange Orthopaedic Hospital from 1965 - 1975.

6. Mr. Ray Dean who was the accountant at Selectus Biddulph where they made Velcro.

7. Mr. George Rhodes, garage proprietor and long distance runner.

The exact date of recording and broadcasting is not known. The cassettee tape recording of the programme is from the collection of Gordon and Pam Lomas.

To hear the recording click below.

Down Your Way ran from 29 December 1946 to 1992 usually broadcast on Sunday afternoons. It visited towns around the United Kingdom, spoke to residents and played their choice of music.

It was hosted by Stewart MacPherson, Lionel Gamlin, Wynford Vaughan-Thomas, Richard Dimbleby and then until his death in 1972 by Franklin Engelmann until when Brian Johnston took over until 1987.

From 1987 until its demise in 1992 it had a different celebrity host and they would visit a place of significance in their own lives.

Additional recordings and notes will be added to these web pages as they become available.

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