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The Sound Archive

A Collection of Radio Programmes, Conversations and Interviews about the Biddulph Area


A collection of sound files recorded in Biddulph and the surrounding area. We hope to feature some of the recordings made by members of the Society or those which have been given to Elaine Heathcote to keep in the archive. It will be organised in discrete sets each one of which can be accessed from the Sound menu on the left and starts with:

01.) An edition of Sunday Half Hour from the Central Methodist Chapel in Biddulph (1960).

02.) An edition of Down Your Way from Biddulph with Franklin Engelmann (who presented the programme between 1955 and 1972).

To play a sound file then you click on the ‘►’ button, this button becomes the pause button ‘❙❙’. The figures are the time played and then the length of the clip in minutes and seconds (mm/ss)

The bar on the right allows you to use the button ‘⚫’ find a place in the length of the clip. If you click on the speaker icon, to the right, a second bar appears to allow you to change the volume of the clip and if you slide the dot ‘⚫’ to the left end of the bar the sound is muted.

Additional recordings and notes will be added to these web pages as they become available.

Biddulph Sound Archive

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