Biddulph Tithe Map of 1840


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Plot Details for Section 14

Plot Number Field Name Owner Occupier Field Use Acres Roods Perch
1635Slang & MeadowHolt Rev. W. H. (Glebe)Shufflebottom Hannah0311
1636RookeryHolt Rev. W. H. (Glebe)Shufflebottom Hannah1321
1640MeadowHolt Rev. W. H. (Glebe)Shufflebottom Hannah4030
1641Far ButtsHolt Rev. W. H. (Glebe)Shufflebottom Hannah135
1642CroftShufflebottom HannahShufflebottom Hannahm1124
1643House & GardenShufflebottom HannahShufflebottom Hannah0010
1644CroftShufflebottom HannahShufflebottom Hannahm0020
1645Little FieldMainwaring Rowland EsqShufflebottom Hannahp1018
1646RoadMainwaring Rowland EsqNixon Jonathan0026
1660House & GardenMainwaring Rowland EsqSharp John0014
1661House PieceMainwaring Rowland EsqSharp Johnp0120
1662House & GardenMainwaring Rowland EsqBailey Joseph (Nixon)007
1663CroftMainwaring Rowland EsqBailey Joseph (Nixon)a0129
1663CroftMainwaring Rowland EsqStanway Wm Rocksa008
1664Croft FieldMainwaring Rowland Esq104
1665PatchMainwaring Rowland EsqNixon Jonathanp0110
1666CroftMainwaring Rowland EsqNixon Jonathan0023
1667House & GardenMainwaring Rowland EsqNixon Jonathan0014
1668Big Home PieceMainwaring Rowland EsqNixon Jonathanm1221
1669Brook FieldShufflebottom JamesShufflebottom Jamesp4028
1670Little Home PieceMainwaring Rowland EsqNixon Jonathanm0234
1671Big CroftMainwaring Rowland EsqNixon Jonathanm1121
1672Far FieldMainwaring Rowland EsqGreen Sampson & anom1124
1673Little CroftMainwaring Rowland EsqNixon Jonathanp0121
1674House & Big Pool FieldMainwaring Rowland EsqSharp Enoch & anom103
1675Part of Mill PoolStonier WilliamStonier Williamwater0028
1676Part of Mill PoolStonier WilliamStonier Williamwater0034
1677CroftBateman John EsqBailey Timason & othersp0024
1678House & GardenBateman John EsqHulme Jane0030
1678CroftBateman John EsqHulme Jane0025
1679Little Pool FieldMainwaring Rowland EsqSharp Enoch & anom0212
1680Coppice FieldBateman John EsqBailey Timason & othersp1037
1748Big CroftBateman John EsqShufflebottom Maria & anop0311
1748CroftBailey JosiahGibson Jamesp0010
1748CroftBateman John EsqShufflebottom Maria & anop0013
1748WasteBateman John EsqShufflebottom Maria & ano0010
1749Folly Silk Mill & WasteDaniels JaneDaniels Jane009
1749HouseBateman John EsqShufflebottom Maria & ano003
1750RoughBailey JosiahBailey Josiah0120
1750RoughBailey JosiahBailey Josiah010
1751Mill FieldBailey JosiahGibson Jamesp1036
1752Little Mill FieldBailey JosiahGibson Jamesp0223
1753Silk Mill LakeBeech JohnLovatt Caleba012
1754Lower Heath HayBeech JohnLovatt Calebp024
1755Heath HayBeech JohnLovatt Calebp214
1756Far Lower Heath Hay DrumbleNixon JonathanNixon Jonathana1131
1757RoughBailey NathanBailey Nathanw0232
1758Rough PieceBailey NathanBailey Nathana020
1759Brook FieldHolt Rev W H (Glebe)Shufflebottom Hannah2220
1760House FieldBailey NathanBailey Nathana3035
1760Little Rough PieceBailey NathanBailey Nathanm0216
1775Bailey's MeadowBailey NathanBailey Nathanp020
1776Big RiddingBailey NathanBailey Nathanp321
1777Little RiddingsBailey ClementBailey Clementp235
1778Barley CroftBrough ThomasBrough Thomasp3136
1779Heath HayBrough ThomasCottrell Johnathanp503
1780Far Lower Heath HayNixon JonathanNixon Jonathanp3211
1781Little Heath HayBeech JohnLovatt Calebm0324
1782Upper Heath HayBeech JohnLovatt Calebp1020
1783Middle Heath HayBeech JohnLovatt Calebm1034
1784Road Heath Hay & HouseBeech JohnLovatt Calebp0227
1785Lower RoadBeech JohnLovatt Calebp109
1786House FieldBailey JosiahGibson Jamesp1135
1787HomesteadBailey JosiahGibson James0117
1788Big FieldBailey JosiahGibson Jamesm2216
1789Brown's IntakeGreen SampsonLancaster Ishmaelm127
1790House garden & yardGreen SampsonLancaster Ishmael028
1791Cottrells IntakeGreen SampsonLancaster Ishmaelm&a0236
1792Upper Round IntakeTellwright WilliamBailey Jamesp4121
1793Long IntakeGreen SampsonLancaster Ishmaelp1315
1794Horse Pasture MeadowGreen SampsonLancaster Ishmaelm1331
1795Hill PieceBailey JosiahGibson Jamesa0324
1796CroftBeech JohnLovatt Caleba0121
1797House & CroftCottrell JonathanCottrell Johnathan0215
1798Big Heath HayCottrell JonathanCottrell Johnathanm2015
1799Little Heath HayCottrell JonathanCottrell Johnathana0310
1800Upper Heath HayBrough ThomasBrough Thomasp1111
1801Lower Heath HayBrough ThomasBrough Thomasm1215
1802Little Barley CroftBrough ThomasBrough Thomasp0214
1803Middle Barley CroftBrough ThomasBrough Thomasa0331
1830Barn CroftBailey JohnBailey Johnm3012
1831Part of White PieceMellor BenjaminMellor Benjaminm1130
1832House & CroftMellor BenjaminMellor Benjamin0139
1833Lower White PieceBrough ThomasBailey Timasonm1020
1834HouseBrough ThomasBailey Timason002
1835Middle White PieceBrough ThomasBailey Timasonp1030
1836Far PatchBailey ThomasBailey Thomasp107
1837Stone HoleBailey ThomasBailey Thomasstone1118
1838Trough StonesStonier WilliamStonier Williamstone8015
1839Trough StonesStonier WilliamStonier Williamstone3228
1840Horse PastureGreen SampsonLancaster Ishmaelp135
1841Big Horse PastureGreen SampsonLancaster Ishmaelp1313
1842Little Horse PastureGreen SampsonLancaster Ishmaelm & a128
1843Long IntakeTellwright WilliamStanway Joseph (Hurst)p4310
1844Far Field & HouseBailey TimasonBailey Timason & anop3122
1846Roberts CroftHolt The Rev. William HenryGibson Jamesp5111
1847PlantationHolt The Rev. William HenryHolt The Rev. William Henry0039
1848Old IntakeHolt The Rev. William HenryHolland John & othersa326
1849PlantationHolt The Rev. William HenryHolt The Rev. William Henry0017
1850Lower InclosureHolt The Rev. William HenryHolland John & othersa5015
1851Rough HurstHolt The Rev. William HenryGibson Jamesp304
1852RoughHolt The Rev. William HenryHolt Rev. W. H0010
1853Middle Rough HurstHolt The Rev. William HenryGibson Jamesp&a2231
1854HomesteadHolt The Rev. William HenryGibson James0231
1855Upper Rough HurstHolt The Rev. William HenryGibson Jamesp3013
1856PlantationHolt The Rev. William HenryHolt Rev. W. H0039
1857Upper InclosureHolt The Rev. William HenryGibson Jamesm&a410
1858Little Upper InclosureHolt The Rev. William HenryGibson Jamesp0238
1859Little Upper InclosureHolt The Rev. William HenryGibson Jamesp0313
1860Milners PieceHolt The Rev. William HenryGibson Thomasp2018
1863WasteBailey ThomasBailey Thomasstone0137
1864Back of the HillBailey ThomasBailey Thomasstone101
1865Road PatchBailey ThomasBailey Thomasa0337
1866PatchBailey ThomasBailey Thomasa0213
1867Middle PatchBailey ThomasBailey Thomasa100
1868House & LaneBailey ThomasBailey Thomas018
1869White PieceBrough ThomasBailey Timasonp2039
1870Near Dirty PieceBailey ThomasBailey Thomasp0310
1871Upper Dirty PieceBailey ThomasBailey Thomasm3032
1872Far Dirty PieceBailey ThomasBailey Thomasp2127
1873CroftBailey ThomasBailey Thomasp100
1874Dirty PieceBailey ThomasBailey Thomasp1314
1875Lower PieceBailey ThomasBailey Thomasp0128
1876Little MeadowBailey JohnRigby Thomasm3235
1895PatchBailey JohnRigby Thomasa020
1896Near RoughStonier WilliamRigby Thomasa3314
1897far RoughStonier WilliamRigby Thomasp4237
1898Far Bentley's FieldStonier WilliamRigby Thomasp4213
1899Little CloseBailey NathanBailey Nathanp120
1900Far CloseBailey NathanBailey Nathanp0325
1916Lower Boons FieldHolt The Rev. William HenryBailey Williamp5037
1917Upper Boons FieldShufflebottom JamesGibson Jamesm5019
1939Stable CroftStonier WilliamStonier Williamp3012
1940WoodHolt The Rev. William HenryHolt Rev W.H037
1941Lower Old FieldHolt The Rev. William HenryHolland John & othersp10311
1969House & CroftBailey TimasonPickford Josephm&a0333
1970Lower Round IntakeTellwright WilliamBailey Jamesp3228
1971PlantationTellwright WilliamTellwright Williamw303
1972Grit HoleTellwright WilliamTellwright William028
1974Two Dwellings & GardenBateman John EsqShufflebottom Maria & ano008
1975CroftBateman John EsqShufflebottom Maria & anop0211
1976CroftBateman John EsqShufflebottom Maria & anop0338
1977WoodBateman John EsqHulme Lukew0034
1978Far FieldBateman John EsqHulme Lukea0116
1979Brook PieceBateman John EsqHulme Lukep0110
1980Pasture PieceBateman John EsqHulme Lukep117
1981House & gardenBateman John EsqHulme Luke0010
1982MeadowBateman John EsqHulme Lukem0316
1983LaneStonier WilliamStonier William007

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