Biddulph Tithe Map of 1840


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Plot Details for Section 15

Plot Number Field Name Owner Occupier Field Use Acres Roods Perch
1761House & CroftBailey NathanBailey Nathan0024
1762Pool MeadowHolt Rev W H (Glebe)Shufflebottom Hannah3028
1763Butty MeadowCamoys The Rt Hon LordBailey Rachaelm3133
1764WithinsCamoys The Rt Hon LordBailey Rachaelp1119
1765Red PieceCamoys The Rt Hon LordBailey Rachaelp338
1766Carr MeadowBailey RachaelBailey Rachaelp1228
1767Pooles KnowleBailey RachaelPointon Samuelp1217
1768The KnowleBailey RachaelPointon Samuelm1310
1769Big KnowleStanway WilliamStanway Allenp1027
1770Lower KnowleLancaster JoshuaLancaster Joshuap1126
1771Near Copelands HouseBailey ThomasBailey Thomasp1115
1772Far Copeland's MeadowBailey ThomasBailey Thomasp1330
1773Lower Copeland's MeadowBailey ThomasBailey Thomasm&a1234
1774Upper Bailey's MeadowBailey ClementBailey Clementp317
1804PingleBrough ThomasBrough Thomasp1313
1805Day WorkBailey ClementBailey Clementp0310
1806House FieldBailey ClementBailey Clementp238
1807House & GardenBailey ClementBailey Clement0031
1808Little FieldBailey ThomasBailey Thomasm1011
1809House FieldBailey ThomasBailey Thomasp1111
1810PatchLancaster JoshuaLancaster Joshuam0234
1811House & gardenLancaster JoshuaLancaster Joshua0020
1814Little KnowleStanway WilliamStanway Allenm0315
1815The MeadowCamoys The Rt Hon LordShufflebottom Thomasm1339
1816WasteCamoys The Rt Hon LordShufflebottom Thomas0021
1817HomesteadCamoys The Rt Hon LordShufflebottom Thomas019
1818House FieldCamoys The Rt Hon LordShufflebottom Thomasp1124
1819Near Home FieldCamoys The Rt Hon LordShufflebottom Thomasa0131
1820Lower MeadowCamoys The Rt Hon LordShufflebottom Thomasm219
1821Upper PatchBailey ClementBailey Clementp1135
1822Patch & HouseBailey ClementBailey Clementp035
1823Upper FieldBailey ThomasBailey Thomasp208
1824Road FieldBailey ClementBailey Clementa2223
1825CroftBailey ClementBailey Clementa027
1826Long PieceBailey ClementBailey Clementp1131
1828Barn Croft & HouseBrough ThomasBrough Thomasm134
1829High Bent HomesteadBailey JohnRigby Thomas0136
1830HouseBailey JohnBailey John003
1877Near CloseBailey NathanBailey Nathana0310
1877SlangBailey NathanBailey Nathana0137
1878Stanway's MeadowBailey ClementBailey Clementm2319
1879Cow PastureBailey ClementBailey Clementp1017
1880Lower CloseCamoys The Rt Hon LordShufflebottom Thomasa3119
1880Meadow BottomMyott RichardMyott Richardp207
1881Upper CloseCamoys The Rt Hon LordShufflebottom Thomasp218
1882Far FieldBailey ClementBailey Clementa1123
1882Little FieldBailey ClementBailey Clementp0328
1883House FieldCamoys The Rt Hon LordShufflebottom Thomasa0138
1884LaneCamoys The Rt Hon LordShufflebottom Thomas0033
1885Thistley StubbleCamoys The Rt Hon LordShufflebottom Thomasa308
1886WasteCamoys The Rt Hon LordShufflebottom Thomas0234
1887Far FieldCamoys The Rt Hon LordShufflebottom Thomasp3015
1888Far Green FieldMyott RichardMyott Richardp2321
1889Near Green FieldMyott RichardMyott Richardp2132
1890Meadow BottomMyott RichardMyott Richardm4029
1891Big CloseBailey NathanBailey Nathana2214
1892Little CloseBailey NathanBailey Nathana1213
1893Near CloseBailey NathanBailey Nathana2213
1894CloseBailey JohnRigby Thomasp3320
1901Upper CloseBailey NathanBailey Nathanp117
1902Middle CloseBailey NathanBailey Nathanp1236
1903Big Three Day MathMyott RichardMyott Richarda4024
1904Little Three Day MathMyott RichardMyott Richardp304
1905PlantationMyott RichardMyott Richard0014
1906Barn MeadowMyott RichardMyott Richardm3314
1907Homestead & LaneMyott RichardMyott Richard036
1908Barn FieldMyott RichardMyott Richardp7326
1909SlangMyott RichardMyott Richardp0124

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