Biddulph Tithe Map of 1840


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Plot Details for Section 16

Plot Number Field Name Owner Occupier Field Use Acres Roods Perch
368EncroachmentMainwaring Rowland EsqTellwright Williamm0019
369EncroachmentMainwaring Rowland EsqTellwright Williamm0019
369Four Houses & YardMainwaring Rowland EsqLancaster James & others004
370House & GardenMainwaring Rowland EsqBooth Allen005
371InclosureMainwaring Rowland EsqBooth Allenm1223
372InclosureMainwaring Rowland EsqChaddock Wm & anom1213
373InclosureMainwaring Rowland EsqWhitehurst Jamesm1015
373House & GardenMainwaring Rowland EsqWhitehurst James0025
374InclosureMainwaring Rowland EsqWhitehurst Jamesp1020
375Two Houses & GardensMainwaring Rowland EsqChaddock Wm & ano0026
376Two Houses & GardensMainwaring Rowland EsqRigby Phoebe & ano011
552RiddingMainwaring Rowland EsqTellwright Williamp1231
553Stubble Keen HayMainwaring Rowland EsqTellwright Williamp6123
554Big RoughMainwaring Rowland EsqTellwright Williamp11317
555Little RoughMainwaring Rowland EsqTellwright Williamp9010
556Smithy CroftMainwaring Rowland EsqTellwright Williama4111
557Far StockingMainwaring Rowland EsqTellwright Williamp4126
558Over Ley FieldMainwaring Rowland EsqTellwright Williamp1120
559InclosureMainwaring Rowland EsqWhitehurst Jamesp&m0330
560Coal YardMainwaring Rowland EsqWilliamson, Henshall & ano0033
561InclosureMainwaring Rowland EsqLancaster Wma0024
562InclosureMainwaring Rowland EsqLancaster Wm & anom1027
563EncroachmentMainwaring Rowland EsqLancaster Wma017
565InclosureMainwaring Rowland EsqLancaster Wm & anoa1213
565EncroachmentMainwaring Rowland EsqLancaster Wmm0124
566Stone QuarryBiddulph Highway SurveyorsBiddulph Highway020
567Two Houses & GardensMainwaring Rowland EsqLancaster Wm & ano0028
568InclosureMainwaring Rowland EsqHodgkinson James & anom0218
569InclosureMainwaring Rowland EsqLancaster Wm & anom0022
570House & GardenMainwaring Rowland EsqMould John0016
571CroftMainwaring Rowland EsqMould Johnp0026
572Road & EncroachmentMainwaring Rowland EsqTellwright Williamp0030
573Three Houses & GardensMainwaring Rowland EsqHodgkinson James & ano0113
574InclosureMainwaring Rowland EsqHodgkinson James & anom0211
575InclosureMainwaring Rowland EsqMould Johnm0328
576InclosureMainwaring Rowland EsqTellwright Williama030
577InclosureMainwaring Rowland EsqHodgkinson James & anom134
578InclosureMainwaring Rowland EsqHodgkinson James & anop2037
579InclosureMainwaring Rowland EsqHodgkinson James & anop2233
586InclosureMainwaring Rowland EsqMellor Thomasm&p030
587InclosureMainwaring Rowland EsqMellor Thomasm0315
588Uncultivated CommonMainwaring Rowland EsqMainwaring Rowlandh0010
589InclosureMainwaring Rowland EsqLees James Junrm0016
590InclosureMainwaring Rowland EsqLees James Junr0035
591House & GardenMainwaring Rowland EsqLees James Junra008
592InclosureMainwaring Rowland EsqLees James Junrm0023
593Stone HoleMainwaring Rowland EsqMellor Thomas0025
593HouseMainwaring Rowland EsqMellor Thomas004

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