Biddulph Tithe Map of 1840


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Plot Details for Section 17

Plot Number Field Name Owner Occupier Field Use Acres Roods Perch
235Big Mow MeadowMainwaring Rowland EsqTellwright Wm jnra6032
240PastureMyott JamesHarrison William1326
241PastureMyott JamesHarrison William3232
242Mainwaring FieldJackson Joseph, Peter & John as CommsLancaster Jamesp5233
243Far Barn FieldJackson Joseph, Peter & John as CommsLancaster Jamesp411
243IntakeJackson Joseph, Peter & John as CommsLancaster Jamesp009
244Near Barn FieldJackson Joseph, Peter & John as CommsLancaster Jamesp2233
245Dove House MeadowMyott JamesHarrison William2228
246PastureMyott JamesHarrison William2122
247PastureMyott JamesHarrison William2113
256Pointon's MeadowMyott JamesHarrison William1010
257PastureMyott JamesHarrison William0334
258Wall FieldMyott JamesHarrison William3035
259Wall Field HeadMyott JamesHarrison William2337
260HomesteadMyott JamesHarrison William0125
261Four Houses & GardensMyott JamesParkinson Thomas0029
262HomesteadJackson Joseph, Peter & John as CommsLancaster James104
262AllotmentJackson Joseph, Peter & John as CommsLancaster Jamesp0021
263RoadMyott JamesHarrison William0026
263AllotmentMyott JamesHarrison William0011
264GardenPointon JamesSkelland Samuel & ano009
265Two Houses & GardensHancock John & Pointon HenryHancock John & Pointon Henry0010
266Two Houses & GardensPointon JamesSkelland Samuel & ano0012
267CroftMyott JamesHarrison William0224
268House & GardenJackson Joseph, Peter & John as CommsHargreaves John018
269CroftMyott JamesHarrison William018
270CroftMyott JamesHarrison William0114
271CollieryMyott JamesLancaster Charles039
272Wall FieldMyott JamesLancaster Charlesp0118
273Big Wall FieldMyott JamesLancaster Charlesp1014
274Beer House & GardenRider ThomasLancaster James014
275House & GardenMainwaring Rowland EsqLees Daniel0014
276House & GardenMainwaring Rowland EsqBarlow William0010
277Two Houses & GardensMainwaring Rowland EsqBarlow Mary & others0120
278House & GardenMainwaring Rowland EsqBailey Thomas Snr. & others0019
333Road & Stone PitMainwaring Rowland EsqBurgess Joseph025
334IntakeMainwaring Rowland EsqBailey Thomas Senm0013
335Two Houses & GardensMainwaring Rowland EsqBooth Sarah & ano0114
335IntakeMainwaring Rowland EsqPainter Jeremiaha009
336New CroftMainwaring Rowland EsqCottrell Johna0220
337Big Black CroftMainwaring Rowland EsqBurgess Josepha4333
338AllotmentWilliamson Hugh Henshall Esq.Williamson Hugh Henshallp0132
339The MeadowWilliamson Hugh Henshall Esq.Williamson Hugh Henshallm239
340Lower MeadowJackson Joseph, Peter & John as CommsLancaster Jamesm4222
341AllotmentHancock JamesHancock James006
343RoadJackson Joseph, Peter & John as CommsLancaster James0028
344Lower MeadowJackson Joseph, Peter & John as CommsLancaster Jamesm2014
345Big Barley CroftJackson Joseph, Peter & John as CommsLancaster Jamesa3232
346Little Barley CroftJackson Joseph, Peter & John as CommsLancaster Jamesa2123
347Well MeadowJackson Joseph, Peter & John as CommsLancaster Jamesa2337
348CollieryJackson Joseph, Peter & John as CommsLancaster James0038
349Well FieldJackson Joseph, Peter & John as CommsLancaster Jamesp4235
349RoughJackson Joseph, Peter & John as CommsLancaster James0220
350Adderley's PaddockJackson Joseph, Peter & John as CommsLancaster Jamesa320
351Gorsty FieldMainwaring Rowland EsqBurgess Josephp6035
352Nibbs & IntakeMainwaring Rowland EsqBurgess Josephp5328
352IntakeMainwaring Rowland EsqLancaster Jamesm0211
353InclosureMainwaring Rowland EsqRigby Phoebe & anom1010
353AllotmentMainwaring Rowland EsqRigby Phoebem0028
355Stone QuarryBiddulph Highway SurveyorsBiddulph Highway Surveyors0126
356InclosureMainwaring Rowland EsqRigby Phoebem0018
357InclosureMainwaring Rowland EsqTellwright Williamm023
358InclosureMainwaring Rowland EsqRigby Phoebem013
359InclosureMainwaring Rowland EsqPainter Jeremiahm0038
360House & GardenMainwaring Rowland EsqPainter Jeremiah0012
361UncultivatedMainwaring Rowland EsqMainwaring Rowlandheath0230
362InclosureMainwaring Rowland EsqHackney Ralpha0114
364House & YardMainwaring Rowland EsqHackney Ralph000
365InclosureMainwaring Rowland EsqHackney Ralphm1319
365Part Of CroftMainwaring Rowland EsqHackney Ralphm0013
366InclosureMainwaring Rowland EsqLancaster James & othersp131
367InclosureMainwaring Rowland EsqLancaster James & othersp0335
368InclosureMainwaring Rowland EsqLancaster James & othersm1018
377Over Middle FieldMainwaring Rowland EsqBurgess Josephp4027
378Pane CroftMainwaring Rowland EsqBurgess Josephp1238
379RoughMainwaring Rowland EsqBurgess Josephp020
380Way GroundMainwaring Rowland EsqBurgess Josephp230
381Way GroundMainwaring Rowland EsqBurgess Josephp1123
382Lower Middle FieldMainwaring Rowland EsqBurgess Josephp400
383Barn Croft WoodMainwaring Rowland EsqBurgess Josepha230
384Way GroundMainwaring Rowland EsqBurgess Josepha1030
385Way GroundMainwaring Rowland EsqBurgess Josephm1029
386Red Moor FlattWilliamson Hugh Henshall Esq.Williamson Hugh Henshallp4326
387Barn CroftMainwaring Rowland EsqBurgess Josepha426
388Fall MeadowWilliamson Hugh Henshall Esq.Williamson Hugh Henshallp2119
388RoughWilliamson Hugh Henshall Esq.Williamson Hugh Henshall020
389Cross ButtsWilliamson Hugh Henshall Esq.Williamson Hugh Henshallp2315
390Coblers CroftWilliamson Hugh Henshall Esq.Williamson Hugh Henshallp122
391RoughWilliamson Hugh Henshall Esq.Williamson Hugh Henshall0112
392North FallWilliamson Hugh Henshall Esq.Williamson Hugh Henshallp2135
392RoughWilliamson Hugh Henshall Esq.Williamson Hugh Henshall1017
393Gorsty FallWilliamson Hugh Henshall Esq.Williamson Hugh Henshallm4330
394Long FieldWilliamson Hugh Henshall Esq.Williamson Hugh Henshallm1221
395HomesteadWilliamson Hugh Henshall Esq.Williamson Hugh Henshall038
396The BankWilliamson Hugh Henshall Esq.Williamson Hugh Henshallp2130
397CollieryWilliamson Hugh Henshall Esq.Williamson Hugh Henshall110
398Lower FallWilliamson Hugh Henshall Esq.Williamson Hugh Henshallp300
399Coal Pit BankWilliamson Hugh Henshall Esq.Williamson Hugh Henshall039
400Rough MeadowWilliamson Hugh Henshall Esq.Williamson Hugh Henshalla1216
401Four Days WorkWilliamson Hugh Henshall Esq.Williamson Hugh Henshallp3020
402RoadWilliamson Hugh Henshall Esq.Williamson Hugh Henshall0038
403AllotmentWilliamson Hugh Henshall Esq.Williamson Hugh Henshallp0029
404Far Calf CroftMainwaring Rowland EsqWilliamson H H & othersa203
405RoadMainwaring Rowland EsqWilliamson H H & others0026
406Near Calf CroftMainwaring Rowland EsqWilliamson H H & othersa1228
489Stable MeadowMainwaring Rowland EsqBurgess Josepha4322
490Three Houses & GardensMainwaring Rowland EsqWilliamson, Henshall & others027
491IntakeMainwaring Rowland EsqColclough Johnm0135
524IntakeMainwaring Rowland EsqRowley Williamm0116
525Benty FieldMainwaring Rowland EsqColclough Johnp9226
526CollieryMainwaring Rowland EsqWilliamson, Henshall & others0124
527Over Rosin BedMainwaring Rowland EsqColclough Johnp5322
528Middle Rosin BedMainwaring Rowland EsqColclough Johna224
529Lower Rosin BedMainwaring Rowland EsqColclough Johnm101
530Gorsty FallWilliamson Hugh Henshall Esq.Williamson & Henshallm4220
531Over Gorsty FallWilliamson Hugh Henshall Esq.Williamson & Henshalla6011
532RoadMainwaring Rowland EsqBurgess Joseph1012
533Big Horse PastureWilliamson Hugh Henshall Esq.Williamson & Henshalla6020
534PlantationWilliamson Hugh Henshall Esq.Williamson & Henshall0228
535Big Mow MeadowMainwaring Rowland EsqTellwright Williamp526
536Little Mow MeadowMainwaring Rowland EsqTellwright Williama430
537RoughMainwaring Rowland EsqTellwright Williamw000
538Rosin BedMainwaring Rowland EsqTellwright Williama329
539Rosin Bed WoodMainwaring Rowland EsqTellwright Williama1322
540Lower Natkin HayMainwaring Rowland EsqTellwright Williamp5320

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