Biddulph Tithe Map of 1840


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Plot Details for Section 19

Plot Number Field Name Owner Occupier Field Use Acres Roods Perch
1364HomesteadMyott MaryBailey Joseph027
1365Apple YardMyott MaryBailey Joseph0028
1366WasteMyott MaryBailey Joseph0112
1367PatchMyott MaryBailey Josephp0220
1368Well BankMyott MaryBailey Josephp0115
1369Clover BankMyott MaryBailey Josephp0134
1370OrchardMyott MaryBailey Josephp0110
1371Lower Banns CoppiceMyott MaryBailey Josephp2137
1372Banns CoppiceMyott MaryBailey Josepha6031
1373Old WoodArmitt Thomas EsqPlant Thomasp6017
1374Upper WoodArmitt Thomas EsqPlant Thomasa6020
1375Spring FieldArmitt Thomas EsqPlant Thomasp725
1376Near Old MeadowArmitt Thomas EsqPlant Thomasa500
1377Marl KnowesArmitt Thomas EsqPlant Thomasp4239
1378Far FieldJohn Branstone Esq., Elizabeth Mary & Shaw Solomona5236
1379Rushy FieldJohn Branstone Esq., Elizabeth Mary & Shaw Solomonp6135
1385WasteJohn Branstone Esq., Elizabeth Mary & Shaw Solomon035
1386Great LoomsBateman John EsqAsh Richardp9332
1387Little LoomsBateman John EsqAsh Richardp3338
1388PatchBateman John EsqAsh Richarda8029
1389Green FieldArmitt Thomas EsqPlant Thomasp329
1390New StubbleBailey HannahBailey Williamp205
1391RoadBailey HannahBailey William0111
1392Lower StubbleBailey HannahBailey Williamp2113
1393CroftArmitt Thomas EsqPlant Thomasp5324
1394Old StubbleBailey HannahBailey Williama1136
1395Little MeadowArmitt Thomas EsqPlant Thomasp6224
1396Two YardsBailey HannahBailey Williamp0237
1681Round Rock PieceBateman John EsqAsh Richardp1026
1682Gorsty HillBateman John EsqAsh Richardp5117
1683PlantationBateman John EsqBateman John Esqw0033
1684Outwood BankBateman John EsqAsh Richarda7334
1685Far Outwood BankBateman John EsqAsh Richarda4116
1686Half day WorkBailey HannahBailey Williama0331
1687Rookers FieldBateman John EsqAsh Richarda8028
1688WoodBateman John EsqAsh Richardw0018
1689WoodBateman John EsqAsh Richardw0030
1690Long MeadowBateman John EsqAsh Richardp3334
1690Coal Pit & WasteBateman John EsqBateman John Esqw0032
1691CroftBateman John EsqAsh Richarda0126
1692Smithy FieldBateman John EsqAsh Richardp1006
1693Round MeadowBateman John EsqAsh Richardm922
1694Middle LoomsBateman John EsqAsh Richardp4125
1695Bucks FieldBateman John EsqAsh Richardp1332
1696CroftJohn Branstone Esq., Elizabeth Mary & Shaw Solomonp1016
1707Barn MeadowMalbon John EsqRider Thomasm123
1708Near & Far SprinkMalbon John EsqRider Thomasm7131
1708Part of old Turnpike Road025
1710Mare CroftBateman John EsqAsh Richarda4020
1711Turkey FieldBateman John EsqAsh Richarda7118
1712Larkey MeadowBateman John EsqAsh Richardm4319
1713CroftBateman John EsqAsh Richardp010
1714HomesteadBateman John EsqAsh Richard1115
1715OrchardBateman John EsqAsh Richardm0136
1716Stack YardBateman John EsqAsh Richard0029
1717Little Blake FieldBateman John EsqAsh Richardp201
1718Big CroftBateman John EsqAsh Richardm038
1719Woodcook HurstBateman John EsqAsh Richardp10130
1720Turney CroftBateman John EsqAsh Richardp412
1721Little Wood PieceBateman John EsqAsh Richardp0215
1722Near Wood PieceBateman John EsqAsh Richardp239
1723Sprinks CoppiceBateman John EsqBateman John Esqw4218
1724Sprink Coppice FieldBateman John EsqAsh Richardm1335
1725New FieldBateman John EsqAsh Richarda9137
1726Great Blake FieldBateman John EsqAsh Richardp4334
1727Saplings MeadowBateman John EsqAsh Richardm4332

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