Biddulph Tithe Map of 1840


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Plot Details for Section 23

Plot Number Field Name Owner Occupier Field Use Acres Roods Perch
492Butt HouseMainwaring Rowland EsqColclough Johnp6310
493Mare HayMainwaring Rowland EsqColclough Johna424
493Barley Croft Little Wheat FieldMainwaring Rowland EsqColclough Johna5327
494Big Wheat FieldMainwaring Rowland EsqColclough Johna520
495RoughMainwaring Rowland EsqColclough John0228
496Wheat Field MeadowMainwaring Rowland EsqColclough Johna216
497Rye FieldBradbury John & Leigh SilasTurnock Josepha2128
510Barn FieldBradbury John & Leigh SilasTurnock Josephm327
511GardenBradbury John & Leigh SilasTurnock Josepha0038
512RoughBradbury John & Leigh SilasTurnock Joseph020
513Rye FieldBradbury John & Leigh SilasTurnock Josephp407
514Nailors MeadowMainwaring Rowland EsqColclough Johnm901
515HomesteadMainwaring Rowland EsqColclough John0234
516Barn FieldMainwaring Rowland EsqColclough Johnm6122
518Calf CroftMainwaring Rowland EsqColclough Johnm1315
519Near Broad FieldMainwaring Rowland EsqColclough Johnp3112
520Big Coal Pit MeadowMainwaring Rowland EsqColclough Johna1226
521CollieryMainwaring Rowland EsqWilliamson, Henshall & others0130
522Colliery & RoadMainwaring Rowland EsqWilliamson, Henshall & others200
523Far Broad FieldMainwaring Rowland EsqColclough Johna4227
541Seven Day MathMainwaring Rowland EsqTellwright Williamm702
542Big MeadowMainwaring Rowland EsqTellwright Williamm12129
543CollieryMainwaring Rowland EsqTellwright William0125
544Big Broom FieldMainwaring Rowland EsqTellwright Williamp1702
644Lower Stoney KnowleMainwaring Rowland EsqColclough Johna409
645Road & RoughMainwaring Rowland EsqColclough Johnp120
646Water IntakeBateman John EsqRowley Thomasm0018
647Far HakesmoorBateman John EsqBrocklehurst Johnp5010
648Near HakesmoorBateman John EsqBrocklehurst Johna4218
649Horse PastureBradbury John & Leigh SilasTurnock Josephp8239
650Great Barns FieldBradbury John & Leigh SilasTurnock Josephp632
651Bow Brook MeadowBradbury John & Leigh SilasTurnock Josephp3220
652Delph FieldBradbury John & Leigh SilasTurnock Josephp4034
653Little Barns FieldBradbury John & Leigh SilasTurnock Josepha4111
654Middle Barns FieldBradbury John & Leigh SilasTurnock Josephp4029
655RoughBradbury John & Leigh SilasTurnock Josephp0124
656Rough & RoadBradbury John & Leigh SilasTurnock Josephp1034
657Further WoodBradbury John & Leigh SilasTurnock Josephp014
658Middle WoodBradbury John & Leigh SilasTurnock Josephp0132
659Near WoodBradbury John & Leigh SilasTurnock Josephp1315
660Big Wotons WoodBateman John EsqBrocklehurst Johnp3012
692Far BanksBateman John EsqCottrell Thomas Junrm134
693Frog MeadowBateman John EsqRider Samuelp1111
694Clover FieldBateman John EsqRider Samuelp3318
695Near Broad FieldBateman John EsqRider Samuelp4224
696Far Broad FieldBateman John EsqRider Samuela7110
697Long FieldBateman John EsqRider Samuelp3211
698Little Wotons BankBateman John EsqBrocklehurst Johnp102
699Wotons Bank WoodBateman John EsqBateman John Esqw0324
700Black ButtsBateman John EsqBrocklehurst Johna2121
701Near Waste MeadowBradbury John & Leigh SilasTurnock Josephp0317
702Far Waste MeadowBradbury John & Leigh SilasTurnock Josephp1224
703Waste FieldBradbury John & Leigh SilasTurnock Josepha3132
704Far Tower FieldBateman John EsqBrough Isaacp112
705Near Tower FieldBateman John EsqBrough Isaacp1123
706Old House MeadowBateman John EsqBrocklehurst Johna3129
707Round HoleBateman John EsqBrough Isaacp103
708Lower MeadowBateman John EsqBrough Isaaca122
709Upper CroftBateman John EsqBrough Isaacm0336
710House & GardenBateman John EsqBrough Isaac0029
711Calf CroftBateman John EsqBrocklehurst Johnm3216
712GardenBateman John EsqBrocklehurst John0012
713Big Barn FieldBateman John EsqBrocklehurst Johnp6120
714Little Barn FieldBateman John EsqBrocklehurst Johnp2015
715Rough MeadowBateman John EsqBrocklehurst Johna409
716RoadBateman John EsqBrocklehurst John0024
717Big Rough PieceBateman John EsqBrocklehurst Johna208
718RoughBateman John EsqBrocklehurst John016
719Barn Field WoodBateman John EsqBrocklehurst Johnp0125
720Little RoughBateman John EsqBrocklehurst Johna138
721Little Marl FieldBateman John EsqBrocklehurst Johnp3137
722RoadBateman John EsqBrocklehurst John012
741Clover Bank & Fern WoodBateman John EsqBrocklehurst Johnp1017
742Round WoodBateman John EsqBrocklehurst Johnp0034
743Potatoe WoodBateman John EsqBrocklehurst Johnp0114
744Wenches HillBateman John EsqBrocklehurst Johna5126
745Middle HakesmoorBateman John EsqBrocklehurst Johnp311
746Upper HakesmoorBateman John EsqBrocklehurst Johna1012

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