Biddulph Tithe Map of 1840


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Plot Details for Section 24

Plot Number Field Name Owner Occupier Field Use Acres Roods Perch
439Two Houses & GardensWilson MarthaJohnson Francis & ano0019
440HouseWilde WilliamWilde William003
440HouseWilde William JuniorLees Thomas003
441Two HousesLawton JohnBarlow Hezekiah & ano003
442Two HousesRowley PeterRowley Peter & ano003
443ChapelTrustees of Prim. Meth. ChapelTrustees of Prim. Meth. Chapel003
444CroftRowley WilliamRowley Peter0031
446CroftRowley WilliamStoddard Robert0011
464AllotmentBooth JonathanSherratt Timothyp003
464AllotmentHolland RalphHolland Ralph & anop006
464AllotmentLawton CharlesLawton Charles0010
447Two Houses & GardensRowley WilliamStoddard Robert006
448HouseLees CorneliusSutton John002
449House & GardenLeese MarkLeese Mark0016
451GardenLees CorneliusSutton John0011
452CroftLeese MarkLeese Mark0020
453GardenLawton WilliamLees Mark006
454CroftLawton FrancesLees Mark0120
455Six Houses & GardensLawton FrancesWilding Wm & others0037
456Two Houses & GardensLawton CharlesCopeland Charles & ano006
456House & GardenBooth JonathanSherratt Timothy008
457House Buildings & YardLawton ThomasWalley James0026
458House & GardenLawton CharlesBarnett John004
459GardenLawton FrancesWilding Wm & others0025
460GardenLees CorneliusSutton John0016
461Four Houses & GardensBaddeley James, Thos, Wm & EuniceBaddeley James, Thos, Wm & Eunice0128
462AllotmentLawton FrancesLawton Francesp0012
463PlantationBateman John EsqBateman John Esqw0036
464AllotmentSalt Jane & ElizabethSalt Sarahp003
465House & CroftMountford SimeonMountford Simeonm020
466Intake & Two HousesChaddock WmChaddock Wm & ano0117
467House & GardenWalley SarahWalley Sarah & ano005
468GardenWalley SarahWalley Sarah & ano0036
469House & GardenWalley SarahWalley Sarah & ano0036
470House & GardenWalley JohnMountford Simeon0027
471House & GardenOakes SamuelOakes Samuel0026
471Part Of GardenWalley JohnMountford Simeon004
472InclosureRowley WilliamRowley Williamm012
482Two Home MeadowsMitchell John, Wright Henry B andWalley Johnm2139
483House Building & GardenMitchell John, Wright Henry B andWalley John0126
484House Building & GardenBradbury John & Leigh SilasBradbury John & Leigh Silas0021
485Barn MeadowBradbury John & Leigh SilasTurnock Josephm1221
486Barn MeadowBradbury John & Leigh SilasTurnock Josephm0335
487Well FieldBradbury John & Leigh SilasTurnock Josephp2236
487Little Well FieldBradbury John & Leigh SilasTurnock Josepha0125
488Churn FlattMainwaring Rowland EsqBurgess Josepha730
498Well MeadowBradbury John & Leigh SilasTurnock Josephm5335
499HomesteadBradbury John & Leigh SilasTurnock Joseph1111
500RoadBradbury John & Leigh SilasTurnock Joseph0035
501House & CroftBooth Chas & Jhn & Whitehurst JosephBooth Chas 0114
502New InclosureBradbury John & Leigh SilasTurnock Josephp0317
503Two Houses & GardensTaylor WilliamHarrison Richard & ano0134
504GardenTaylor WilliamHarrison Richard & ano0024
505House & GardenBaddely WilliamBaddely William007
506House & GardenCopeland WilliamCopeland William008
506House & GardenSherratt SimeonSherratt Simeon0011
506House & GardenHarding ElizabethHarding Elizabeth006
507House & GardenSherratt JamesSherratt James0011
508Beer House & GardenWillshaw WilliamWillshaw William0016
509Pool CroftBradbury John & Leigh SilasTurnock Josephm2329
661Lower Colliers HillBradbury John & Leigh SilasTurnock Josepha435
662Brick FieldBradbury John & Leigh SilasTurnock Josephp038
663Near Colliers HillBradbury John & Leigh SilasTurnock Josephp427
664Bank House FieldCamoys The Rt Hon LordDoorbar Danielm2217
665PastureCamoys The Rt Hon LordDoorbar Daniela1326
666AllotmentCamoys The Rt Hon LordDoorbar Danielp017
667PastureCamoys The Rt Hon LordDoorbar Danielp1017
668Upper Colliers HillBradbury John & Leigh SilasTurnock Josephp3317
669The QuobSalt Jane & ElizabethBailey Danielm103
670The QuobSalt Jane & ElizabethBailey Danielm123
671PastureCamoys The Rt Hon LordDoorbar Danielp2034
672Bank Stile PastureCamoys The Rt Hon LordDoorbar Danielp1232
673Rye Grass FieldBateman John EsqHolland Ralphm2218
673GardenBateman John EsqHolland Ralpha0126
674Rye Grass FieldBateman John EsqHolland Ralphp2210
675Coate FieldBateman John EsqHolland Ralphp4134
676Far Red Cross MeadowBateman John EsqRider Williamm1116
677PastureCamoys The Rt Hon LordDoorbar Danielp0323
1077Two Houses & croftBateman John EsqBarnett Amelia & ano0024
1078CroftBateman John EsqBarnett Amelia & ano0026
1079MeadowBateman John EsqBarnett Amelia & anom0122
1080Two Houses & GardensHolland RalphHolland Ralph & ano0032
1080Two Houses & GardensSherratt TimothySherratt Timothy & ano009
1081Pasture PieceBateman John EsqSherratt Timothyp1023
1081GardenBateman John EsqSherratt Timothy0028
1082GardenBateman John EsqSherratt William0011
1083Higher Gin FieldBateman John EsqBarnett Amelia & anop200
1084Rough MeadowBateman John EsqBarnett Amelia & anop1234
1085Middle Hanleys Long MeadowBateman John EsqBarnett Amelia & anop2110
1086Lower Stock PieceBateman John EsqCottrell Johna5126
1087Lower Hanleys Long MeadowBateman John EsqBarnett Amelia & anom3028
1088Lower Hanleys MeadowBateman John EsqSherratt Timothyp3135
1089Clover FieldBateman John EsqSherratt Timothym1026
1090MeadowBateman John EsqSherratt Timothym1111
1091WasteBateman John EsqBateman John Esqw007
1092Pasture FieldBateman John EsqBooth Charlesp300
1093Little MeadowBateman John EsqBailey Danielp2028
1094Horse PastureBateman John EsqBailey Danielp3213
1095Little Rough MeadowBateman John EsqBailey Danielp116
1096Big Rough MeadowBateman John EsqBailey Danielm2134
1097LaneBateman John EsqBailey Daniel0115
1098Lime FieldBateman John EsqBailey Danielp2014
1099Upper FieldBateman John EsqBailey Danielp239
1100Long ShootBateman John EsqBailey Daniela1210
1101Old MeadowBateman John EsqTurnock Joela2326
1102Upper ShootBateman John EsqBailey Danielp608
1103Rye CroftBateman John EsqTurnock Joelp4222
1104Black MeadowMalbon John EsqRider Thomasa2225
1166House & GardenMalbon John EsqRider Thomas0010
1167Far FieldBateman John EsqTurnock Joela3322
1168Barley CroftBateman John EsqTurnock Joelp4122
1169Far Barn MeadowBateman John EsqTurnock Joelm332
1170Middle FieldBateman John EsqRowley Williamp2334
1171Little Barn FieldBateman John EsqBailey Danielm0316
1172CroftBateman John EsqBooth Charles0032
1173PastureBateman John EsqBooth Charles0038
1174PatchBateman John EsqBooth Charlesm0326
1175Six DwellingsBateman John EsqBooth Charles & others004
1176PatchBateman John EsqBooth Charles0010
1177PlantationBateman John EsqBateman John Esqw006
1178PlantationBateman John EsqBateman John Esqw007
1179GardenBateman John EsqBailey Daniel005
1180GardenBateman John EsqHolland Ralph0013
1181PlantationBateman John EsqBateman John Esqw0019
1182Barn & WasteBateman John EsqBailey Daniel & ano019
1183PatchSalt Jane & ElizabethBailey Danielm0214
1184House & GardenBateman John EsqBailey Daniel0020
1184House CroftBateman John EsqBailey Danielm020
1185Lane FieldSalt Jane & ElizabethOakes Samuelm1010
1186Green MeadowSalt Jane & ElizabethOakes Samuelm1115
1187Barn FieldSalt Jane & ElizabethOakes Samuelp1126
1188Coachway FieldBateman John EsqRowley Williama4033
1189Clough MeadowBateman John EsqRowley Williamm3218
1190Big Barn FieldBateman John EsqRowley Williamp4011
1191CloughBateman John EsqBateman John Esqw1019
1192Braddock Hay MeadowBateman John EsqRowley Williamp3110
1193Braddock Hay MeadowBateman John EsqTurnock Joelm4118
1194HomesteadBateman John EsqTurnock Joel036
1195Barn FieldBateman John EsqTurnock Joelp3222
1196LaneBateman John EsqTurnock Joel017
1197Well MeadowBateman John EsqTurnock Joelm3136
1198Black MeadowBateman John EsqTurnock Joela2110
1199Wood CroftBateman John EsqTurnock Joelp022
1273Rushy FieldBateman John EsqTurnock Joelp3123
1275Upper PlainBateman John EsqTurnock Joela4332
1276Lower PlainBateman John EsqTurnock Joelp3122
1277WasteBateman John EsqTurnock Joel015
1278Far Long RiddingMitchell John, Wright Henry B andWalley Johnp237
1279CroftMitchell John, Wright Henry B andWalley Johnp0016
1280Long RiddingMyott MaryBailey Josephp4214
1281PatchWeatherby LukeRowley Williamp0027
1282Far RiddingWeatherby LukeRowley Williama1235
1283Middle RiddingMitchell John, Wright Henry B andWalley Johnp3129
1284Green FieldBateman John EsqRowley Williamp5010
1285House & GardenSalt Jane & ElizabethTurner James0031
1286House & GardenSalt Jane & ElizabethSalt Sarah0112
1287House & GardenBateman John EsqDoorbar Daniel0119
1288PlantationBateman John EsqBateman John Esqw025
1289RiddingMitchell John, Wright Henry B andWalley Jamesp3338
1290Long RiddingMitchell John, Wright Henry B andShawcross Johnm0335
1291Road FieldMalbon John EsqRider Thomasp3235
1292Brook FieldMalbon John EsqRider Thomasa508
1293Middle RiddingWeatherby LukeRowley Williamm1039
1294Far RiddingMyott MaryBailey Josephp132
1295Brook MeadowMyott MaryBailey Josephm034
1296Brook MeadowMyott MaryBailey Josephm0216
1297RiddingBateman John EsqTurnock Joelp2026
1298Lower Ridding CroftBateman John EsqTurnock Joelp1139
1299Lower PlainBateman John EsqTurnock Joelp0126

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