Biddulph Tithe Map of 1840


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Plot Details for Section 26

Plot Number Field Name Owner Occupier Field Use Acres Roods Perch
1154Buildings & FoldBateman John EsqHancock Job0010
1155New PieceBateman John EsqHancock Jobm209
1219Flood HoleBateman John EsqHancock Jobp1224
1220Common PieceBateman John EsqHancock Jobp1012
1221Top CroftBateman John EsqHancock Jobm116
1222Upper Meadow & HomesteadLockett William EsqDoorbar Williamm2129
1223Calf CroftLockett William EsqDoorbar Williama1019
1224Wood FieldLockett William EsqDoorbar Williamp3231
1225Rushy FieldLockett William EsqDoorbar Williamp3216
1226Far FieldTellwright WilliamStanway Williamp515
1227Shaws IntakeTellwright WilliamStanway Williama2321
1228Robins HillTellwright WilliamStanway Williamp207
1229Robin Hill CroftBateman John EsqBeech Hannahm1027
1230Little CroftBateman John EsqWillshaw Josephp0034
1231CroftBateman John EsqBiddulph Thomasm0014
1232Barn & CroftBateman John EsqBiddulph Thomas0015
1239Part of Robinstone CroftTellwright WilliamBeech Hannaha0124
1239Little Robin Stone CroftBateman John EsqBeech Hannaha0212
1241CroftTellwright WilliamGibson Elizabetha0010
1242CroftTellwright WilliamGibson Elizabethm0024
1243CroftMainwaring Rowland EsqGibson ElizabethP015
1244HouseAdderley Chas Bowyer EsqMachin Samuel003
1245HouseMainwaring Rowland EsqGibson Elizabeth005
1246CroftMainwaring Rowland EsqGibson Elizabethp1016
1247Far PieceMainwaring Rowland EsqStanway Williamm031
1248Far FieldMainwaring Rowland EsqGibson Elizabethm1023
1248Part of Far FieldTellwright WilliamGibson Elizabethm0035
1249Long CroftMainwaring Rowland EsqHollinshead John & anom0128
1250Part of Robinstone PieceBateman John EsqBeech Hannaha010
1251Two HousesMainwaring Rowland EsqHollinshead John & ano002
1252House & GardenMainwaring Rowland EsqBeech Hannah & ano0021
1253WasteTellwright WilliamStanway William0211
1254Part of Pasture PieceTellwright WilliamBeech Hannahm0231
1254Pasture PieceMainwaring Rowland EsqBeech Hannah & anom0220
1255Part of PastureBateman John EsqShufflebottom Andrewp1026
1255Part of PastureMainwaring Rowland EsqShufflebottom Andrewp0133
1256MeadowBateman John EsqHollingshead Johnm210
1320Park Hill MeadowArmitt Thomas EsqPlant Thomasp927
1321MeadowMainwaring Rowland EsqLawton Johnm1015
1322House & GardenMainwaring Rowland EsqLawton John0033
1323PastureTellwright WilliamBeech Hannahp0321
1324WasteTellwright WilliamStanway William0239
1325HomesteadTellwright WilliamStanway William0013
1326Middle FieldTellwright WilliamStanway Williamp4338
1327Well MeadowTellwright WilliamStanway Williamm5318
1328Rushy FieldTellwright WilliamStanway Williama2317
1329CroftTellwright WilliamStanway Williama0036
1330Heathy FieldTellwright WilliamStanway Williamp403
1331HeathTellwright WilliamStanway Williamp1120
1332House & CroftTellwright WilliamStanway William (Nag)0034
1333CroftMainwaring Rowland EsqStanway Williamp027
1334Big Croft & HouseMainwaring Rowland EsqStanway Joseph Nagm030
1335Big CroftMainwaring Rowland EsqLawton Johnm0124
1335LaneMainwaring Rowland EsqLawton John0012
1336CroftMainwaring Rowland EsqLawton Johna0330
1337Big PieceMainwaring Rowland EsqStanway Williama & p114
1338AllotmentArmitt Thomas EsqPlant Thomasp0134
1339Pasture Field & HouseMainwaring Rowland EsqStanway Noahm1214
1340Little FieldMainwaring Rowland EsqBeech Josiahp0234
1341Big FieldMainwaring Rowland EsqBeech Josiahm0315
1341House & YardMainwaring Rowland EsqBeech Josiah005
1342PatchMainwaring Rowland EsqBailey Williamm028
1343House & GardenMainwaring Rowland EsqBeech Joseph006
1344Far CroftMainwaring Rowland EsqBeech Josephm0134
1345House PieceMainwaring Rowland EsqBailey Simeonm1022
1346House & CroftMainwaring Rowland EsqBailey Simeonm0110
1347PatchMainwaring Rowland EsqBeech Josiah014
1348Pasture FieldMainwaring Rowland EsqStanway Noahp1332
1349Common PieceArmitt Thomas EsqPlant Thomasp2011
1350Big MeadowArmitt Thomas EsqPlant Thomasm12329
1351RoughArmitt Thomas EsqPlant Thomas1219
1352Long ShootArmitt Thomas EsqPlant Thomasp400
1413Three Corner PieceMainwaring Rowland EsqBeech Josephm037
1414CroftTellwright WilliamLancaster Charlesm138
1414House & YardTellwright WilliamLancaster Charles0010
1415Three Cornered PieceMainwaring Rowland EsqBailey Wma0113

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