Biddulph Tithe Map of 1840


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Plot Details for Section 35

Plot Number Field Name Owner Occupier Field Use Acres Roods Perch
940Booths Park WoodBateman John EsqBateman John Esqw7023
941Gortons Field WoodBateman John EsqBateman John Esqw1128
942CoppiceAdderley Chas BowyerAdderley Chas Bowyerw322
943Park Rocks (Planted)Bateman John EsqBateman John Esqw213
944PlantationBateman John EsqBateman John Esqw212
944PlantationBateman John EsqBateman John Esqw2330
1040Park RocksBateman John EsqYardley Enochp1000
1041The RoughAdderley Ch Bowyer EsqDoorbar Johnp0338
1041WoodAdderley Ch Bowyer EsqAdderley Ch Bowyer Esqw3215
1042Round PastureAdderley Ch Bowyer Esq000
1043Coat FieldAdderley Ch Bowyer EsqDoorbar Johna5336
1044WrangsAdderley Ch Bowyer EsqDoorbar Johna304
1044Wrang LaneAdderley Ch Bowyer Esq0224

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