Biddulph Tithe Map of 1840


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Plot Details for Section 9

Plot Number Field Name Owner Occupier Field Use Acres Roods Perch
1861Near Millstone FieldBailey ThomasBailey Thomasa2229
1862Millstone FieldBailey ThomasBailey Thomasp5223
1918Far Millstones FieldHolt The Rev. William HenryGibson Jamesp519
1919Little Millstones FieldHolt The Rev. William HenryGibson Jamesa0226
1920Near Sweet PieceKirk ThomasKirk Thomasa2112
1921Far Sweet PieceHolt The Rev. William HenryGibson Thomasp3139
1922Little Sweet PieceHolt The Rev. William HenryGibson Thomasa1024
1923Upper Old FieldHolt The Rev. William HenryHolland John & othersp8231
1924WoodHolt The Rev. William HenryHolt Rev W.H1226
1925Spring MeadowKirk ThomasKirk Thomasm1218
1926Upper BirchesKirk ThomasKirk Thomasp1237
1927Lower BirchesKirk ThomasKirk Thomasp1139
1928Far Taxter FieldKirk ThomasKirk Thomasp3129
1929Near Taxter FieldKirk ThomasKirk Thomasp129
2214CroftCamoys The Rt Hon LordBrough Johna020
2215HomesteadCamoys The Rt Hon LordBrough John0132
2216House FieldCamoys The Rt Hon LordBrough Johna3224
2217Park FieldCamoys The Rt Hon LordBrough Johnm403
2218Corner CroftMyott ThomasBailey Jamesm0133
2218MeadowMyott ThomasBailey Jamesm0326
2219House & gardenMyott ThomasBailey James0035
2220Big PieceMyott ThomasBailey Jamesp116
2222EncroachmentCottrell widow of William ThomasCottrell Widowm0119
2223House & gardenCottrell widow of William ThomasCottrell Widow0023
2234EncroachmentAntrobus Gibbs Crawford EsqShufflebottom Williamm0016
2235EncroachmentAntrobus Gibbs Crawford EsqKnight Jamesm0021
2236EncroachmentGibson Thos or Thomas Lord CamoysGibson Thomasa024
2237CroftGibson ThomasGibson Thomasm0318
2238EncroachmentGibson Thos or Thomas Lord CamoysGibson Thomasm0110
2239EncroachmentGibson Thos or Thomas Lord CamoysGibson Thomasm0011
2239House & gardenGibson ThomasGibson Thomas009
2241Wheat FieldCamoys The Rt Hon LordBrough Johnp536
2242House FieldWilson CharlesCottrell Jonathan & anom2212
2243Crab FieldCamoys The Rt Hon LordBrough Johnp416
2244Lower FieldWilson CharlesCottrell Jonathan & anop2328
2245Two Dwellings & GardenWilson CharlesCottrell Jonathan & ano0027
2246CroftWilson CharlesCottrell Jonathan & anop0131
2247Big CroftWilson CharlesCottrell Jonathan & anop102
2248Pool FieldWilson CharlesCottrell Jonathan & anop0326
2249Corner CroftSumner SamuelKnight Samuelm0020

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