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The Biddulph Tithe Map

The Tithe Map

Three copies of each tithe map and apportionment were formally sealed by the Tithe Commissioners, one retained by them, the others deposited with the Parish Clerk and the Diocese. For Biddulph these are now held respectively in the National Archives, Staffordshire Record Office (Stafford) and Staffordshire Record Office (Lichfield).

The first two maps are in manuscript, but the Diocesan map held at Lichfield is a lithographed copy which has been chosen for reproduction here, with the kind consent of the Archivist. It was digitally photographed in sections corresponding to 1km National Grid squares, for easy comparison with modern maps.

Other lithographed examples of the map are known, together with further manuscript copies made privately. One of these, formerly in the hands of a solicitor, is in the care of Biddulph Town Council. ‘Reference Book to Plans – Parish of Biddulph’ is the title given to the copy apportionment kept with it. It contains pre-printed sheets bound together into a large A2 size book. The first page reveals that the original tithe schedule was created by George Harding of Maerfield, Maer, and a search of the National Archives confirms this. ‘Tithe apportionment of Biddulph. Valuation: George Harding, Maerfield, Maer. 6th June 1840’. (IR 29/32/23) The book is undated and unsigned; however the pages are watermarked with the date 1850. Who commissioned the copy and why remains unknown.

The Tithe Map of Biddulph Parish - 1840

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